Maritime loss-adjusters, surveys and investigations

Specialists in the fields of SHIPPING and WATER SPORTS

Technical Investigation


A technical investigation can be carried out separately, without forming part of a loss adjustment. Dextton has the capacity to draw up a sound technical report on such matters as:
- fracture plane analysis
- corrosion inspection
- structural strength calculations
- stability and leakage calculations
- moisture measurements in wood and polyester
When the necessary equipment is not available, we work together with renowned, independent research institutes.

Ultrasonic thickness measurements

We use our own equipment to perform (hull) thickness measurements, principally on steel boats.
Based on these measurements, we draw up a report in which the thicknesses and their locations around the hull are recorded clearly and comprehensively. These measurements are important when evaluating the acceptance risk of both stationary houseboats and sailing (pleasure) boats.

Osmosis inspection

Now that fibre-reinforced plastics have become an indispensable part of yacht construction, the associated problems can also no longer be ignored. These problems constitute a very specialized field, complete with their own terminology:
- osmosis / blistering
- wicking
- alligatoring
- voids
- delamination
- pin-holes
- glazing and calcification, to name but a few. 

Dextton has the knowledge and the necessary measurement equipment to establish the causes, extent and necessary repairs of damage to polyester and epoxy structures.
We are also familiar with such materials as ABS and PVC, of which a considerable number of smaller boats are built.