Maritime loss-adjusters, surveys and investigations

Specialists in the fields of SHIPPING and WATER SPORTS

Tracing Vessels

It is with justifiable pride that we can state that we are active - with a high rate of success - in tracing missing vessels, both in Europe and far outside. This success is due to our experience of over 30 years in this field, our great knowledge of ships and boats and their possibilities and the waters they sail, and our excellent contacts with domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies.

Naturally, we possess the required Ministry of Justice license to initiate investigations. This is granted only after the strictest selection according to personnel, working method and record keeping.

Needless to say, we try not to allow the investigation costs to run up any higher than strictly necessary; we have these costs under our own control.
The situation is different once the missing ship has actually been traced. The recovery costs then greatly depend on the place and circumstances in which the ship is found.

Factors may then include:
- tip-off money
- release costs
- costs of guarding
- port dues
- transport costs
- (emergency) repair costs

Through close cooperation and information exchange with IAMI and MIX, we have access to reports of stolen vessels throughout the world. 

Were we to attribute our successes in this field only to the availability of the aforementioned databases and partnerships, we would be selling ourselves short: success is not possible without years of experience and a certain intuitive 'feel'. Dextton have shown that they have all the necessary intuition!

Own Databases / Notification System

Over the years we have amassed innumerable, valuable contacts over the whole world. The details of these are stored in our database, which is by now very extensive. Our historic file of stolen and recovered (or still missing) vessels (with all details, names, circumstances etc.) is increasingly proving extremely valuable.
Maintaining the computer files demands a great deal of time and attention. We now have over a thousand addresses of useful contact persons and organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. These contacts are subdivided according to type and function: government officials, harbor masters, yacht brokers, yacht captains, yacht transporters etc.
The addresses are organized by country, with subdivisions according to field and contact type. This makes it possible to send out a selective notification according to search area and distribution density. For example, no matter whether the region is the North Sea, the Caribbean or one of the Dutch inland waters, it is possible to initiate the right search action at the push of a button and on the day the loss is notified.
Complementary to this, we can place notices in regional and national newspapers and magazines and in international water sports magazines.

Notices of missing vessels are shown on our own website,, and our information is also consulted, via a non-public file, by investigation services in the Netherlands and abroad.