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Pre-Purchase Inspection              

When buying a boat, your vision may be clouded by 'love at first sight'. That is why it is always a good idea to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out by an independent nautical surveyor. If you then have the misfortune to become embroiled in a dispute after buying the vessel, you are more likely to have the law on your side because you have fulfilled your duty as a buyer to make a proper inspection.

The Checklist

During the survey, the entire vessel will be inspected 'from mast to keel'. This means that about 300 points are already checked as standard. In addition, you can indicate specific issues for inspection. This will produce a comprehensive picture of the boat's condition, written up in a detailed inspection report of 30 or so pages.

In this report, we will highlight any and all substantial faults, accompanied by appropriate notes, advice and photos. We also provide an estimate of any likely costs of repairing the vessel.

After the inspection, you can use our findings where necessary to negotiate with the vendor in order to arrive at a successful deal.

For an additional fee, you can receive the report in any commonly used language.