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Recovery proceedings and investigation of circumstances

It goes without saying that an investigation of circumstances cannot and should not be viewed in isolation from a loss adjustment assignment. However, where claims involving personal or corporate liability are involved, a more detailed investigation is required than for 'simple' fire, theft and damage claims. In these, multiple factors need to be reviewed and it is sometimes possible to identify the remotest cause (causa remota) only after a process of elimination.

In an investigation of circumstances, a meticulously argued interpretation is given of such terms as:
- guilt
- culpability
- inadequate care and maintenance
- negligence
- liability
- (applicability of) terms and conditions of delivery

In short, investigation into those circumstances that can be of the utmost importance in careful consideration by an insurer, and can also form the basis for successful recovery proceedings.

Dextton can handle the entire recovery proceedings for you, from the notice of liability to the collection of damages. Whether the claim is settled directly between the parties concerned or via lawyers, whether it relates to a collision at sea or a broken cable on a boat lift, you can rest assured that our agency has already successfully completed numerous claims. In these, we regularly cooperate with highly eminent legal practices.