Maritime loss-adjusters, surveys and investigations

Specialists in the fields of SHIPPING and WATER SPORTS

Damage Surveys

The in-house expertise available to us covers the entire range of materials and components used in modern and traditional yacht building. This surplus of know-how also enables us to direct our expertise to related fields of industry, such as earth-moving equipment, fishery and commercial shipping.

Because we are enthusiastic and experienced participants in water sports we fully conversant with the inevitable (and for landlubbers virtually incomprehensible) jargon that the insured parties also use; an advantage that should not be underestimated when dealing with claims involving pleasure craft.

Thanks to our efficient approach, a damage survey can usually take place (subject to external factors) within days of the instruction being issued. In urgent cases, this can even be done on the same day. If it is not possible (due to the required information not yet being available) to proceed to a final report, the surveyor will record his initial findings in an interim report. This means that the client receives information promptly and, if necessary, is subsequently kept up to date by means of further interim messages. Whatever the case, the client will receive a preliminary message or report within 14 days.

We are available 24-hours a day to enable you to issue urgent instructions directly to us for immediate action. 

Thanks to our membership of IAMI, we can make use of the U.S. Maritime Information System; see Tracing vessels.