Maritime loss-adjusters, surveys and investigations

Specialists in the fields of SHIPPING and WATER SPORTS

Working Method

Receipt of assignments

Assignments arrive at our head office in Weesp by post, telephone, fax and email. These assignments are entered into our own system and are then delegated to the experts. The secretariat monitors the assignment continuously: the order confirmation, preliminary report and the duration are provided and checked from Weesp on a file-by file basis.
Head office is also responsible for the final editing of, and calculations in, each report that goes out.

Processing of assignments

We have achieved a high standard of automation in administrative processing. The experts report to head office via a modem; after internal processing, the reports are sent from Weesp to the clients.


Reports can be sent in a variety of ways. The most usual form is by post but, depending on the client's wishes, they can also be sent by fax or email in full or in abridged form. If the client wishes, a modem link can be created so that the client has direct access to his dossiers without the intervention of the secretariat or the expert and can also issue his instructions or provide information by this means.